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“I'm excited to be part of team ECG”

ECG is proud to announce our newest member Lucyanne Laurenson to our growing team. Lucyanne is a corporate executive who has built and led teams through project start up and system changes, bringing a wealth of expertise that will elevate ECG to new heights.

Lucyanne will join ECG as a Consultant - Operations where she will spearhead the operational systems and project management for ECG. Lucyanne brings an extensive background in leadership, customer service, crisis management and training. Lucyanne is performance orientated and this is reflected in her recent work as a Director for the Pasifika Medical Association Group (PMAG), where she worked closely with various partners and community groups to manage and coordinate the COVID-19 crisis response for PMAG. She led quarantine operations and provided logistical support for Pacific deployments to natural disaster areas such as Gisborne, Vanuatu and Tonga.

Lucyanne also established Learning and Development teams by incorporating learning management systems and online training platforms.

“ECG works across sectors in Corporate, government and NFP spaces. Lucyanne’s skills and ability to be agile is a strength to our team and we’re really excited!” says Director Sara-Jane Elika.

Lucyanne proudly traces her heritage to Samoa (Taga, Afiomalu), Tonga (Fasimoeafi), Niue (Hakupu) and Fiji (Lau group, Vulaga) and has a passion for people, growth and innovation.

“I'm excited to be part of the team. Working for ECG provides a platform for me to learn, serve and grow” says Lucyanne.

ECG welcomes Lucyanne and looks forward to adding her immense skills and experience to our Strategy, Engagement and Evaluation services.


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