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Serve in love for a blessed future.

Samoan language week 2024.

The theme for Samoan Language Week this year is "Tautua i le alofa, manuia le lumana’i," which translates to "Serve in love for a blessed future."

This theme is deeply rooted in aganu’u Samoa ma fa’asamoa (Samoan culture and the Samoan way of life), highlighting how service (tautua) is an integral part of every stage in a Samoan person's life. Serving your family, village, church, and communities, both locally and globally, ensures the preservation of Samoan culture, language, and identity for future generations.

In their academic research, Aiono and Lefaoali’i explore the tautua life cycle, illustrating how service is demonstrated across three different spheres in the Samoan community.

Sphere One: Tautua ia Tautua (Serve to Serve)

From a young age, Samoan children are taught the importance of service. They learn key values such as obedience, loyalty, respect, and love. Through family gatherings, church events, and village fundraisers, they get hands-on experience in serving others. This practical learning helps them develop the skills needed for service. At this stage, children are expected to observe, listen, and speak when spoken to. They also focus on becoming fluent in the language so they can eventually take on roles in oratory (tautua upu).

Sphere Two: Tautua ia Pule (Serve to Lead)

Parents have the challenging role of supporting their children and youth while honouring their elders. Balancing these responsibilities requires putting others before themselves. In this sphere, Samoans get more opportunities to practise service, gaining experience in representing their family at communal gatherings through oratory (tautua upu). They also focus on tautua tuāvae, which involves providing support to family members both in Samoa and the diaspora.

Sphere Three: Pule i Tautua (Lead to Serve)

Elders play a crucial role in sharing their wisdom with their children and grandchildren, building a legacy. They teach about the different types of service and how to uphold the family name with honour. This reciprocal learning helps grandchildren appreciate their elders while also teaching elders about modern Samoan life in a Western context.

At ECG, the approach of leadership through service is crucial in upholding one of our foundational values: Respect (fa'aaloalo). By keeping people at our heart and building trust through our tautua (service), we maintain and strengthen our relationships with all people.

Manuia le vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa!

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