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Young Pacific graduate up for the challenge.

New Year. New team member. We are delighted to welcome Galuega Tiatia to the ECG team. Galuega is a passionate young creative and storyteller who has recently graduated with a Bachelor of Communications from the Auckland University of Technology, majoring in digital media and advertising. Galuega proudly hails from Lelepa, Avao and Nofoali’i in Samoa. 

Although Galuega is in the early stages of his career, he has already built an impressive portfolio of work, including being creative lead for Digital Discipline, an organisation that supports individuals and families with online and social media addiction and consumption.  He has also been a content creator and producer for Lyre’s Co, Amazon AWS, and most recently, The Moanan, an educational platform, aiming to connect young Pacific peoples around the world, with Pacific knowledge in palatable ways through digital and in-person engagements.

As the new Media and Communications Lead, Galuega aims to leverage his fresh perspectives and skills to reinforce ECG’s service provision while also learning from within the team to ensure he is always on a career path of continued learning and professional development. 

“What brought me to ECG is the exciting opportunity to learn from a team who possess a diverse range of skills and experiences”

ECG is excited to have Galuega join the team and look forward to integrating him into the work we do.


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