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Our Services

As a full-service boutique consultancy, we provide a range of services to support your organisation.


Media & Communication

ECG is your strategic partner when it comes to media, communication and targeted engagement. We specialise in crisis management and have held senior executive roles designing key media campaigns and focused messaging.

As a production company, ECG Media is adding to the list of Pacific-owned content creation & storytelling hubs,  content such as Soul Sessions is contributing to a more inclusive and diverse landscape.

Services - Media

Research & Feasibility

ECG provides Strategic and operational evaluations of Organisations, Performance audits, Engagement Reviews, and Feasibility research and reporting. We support the co-design and implementation of economic development initiatives.

Services - Research + Feasibility

Business Development
& Training

ECG is Passionate about Business training and development to enhance the Pacific Economy, working with organisations from small businesses to corporates and supporting engagement and empowerment within your Community. Developing Organisations Agility and Organisational Transformation by building aligned plans, processes and regular Reviews.

Services - Business Development

Governance & Diversity

ECG Supports leadership and Cultural Capability within Global, Corporate, Community and Pacific Perspectives. We specialise in Relationships and People management. We are utilising‘Talanoa’ to establish Equity and sustainable, inclusive connections,  identifying cultural nuances that may be impacting the delivery of communications, and utilising our knowledge of Pacific languages to connect.

Services - Governance

ECG is experienced in Economic Development throughout the Pacific Region. With strong relationships embedded within Government's relevant agencies, our Diverse team collaborate to understand the needs of the Region and appropriate agencies.

Economic Development

Economic Aid

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