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8 July 2023

Soul Sessions is back for its third season with the show celebrating the vibrant and growing Aotearoa New Zealand gospel music scene. And what better way to start this season then with a Matariki Special that honours and celebrates the Māori New Year in Soul Sessions style on Friday 14 July.

Creator and host of Soul Sessions, award-winning NZ Samoan singer, Sara-Jane, brings together an ensemble of talented artists to not only share their amazing musical gifts but also explore their take on culture, identity and their unique faith journey.

"I am blessed and excited to showcase the thriving gospel music scene in Aotearoa New Zealand. Each season builds on from the last and season three of Soul Sessions promises to be our most spectacular yet, with incredible performances, courageous conversations and uplifting collaborations that will leave viewers inspired and moved”, says Sara-Jane.

Thank you to the continued investment from New Zealand on Air and the unwavering support of our Primary Platform Partner - Sunpix, who will exclusively screen the series on their TP+ online platform. Our host of Secondary Partners that will screen the show after initial release on TP+ include Shine TV, Prime, RNZ and Pasifika TV who will add to the growing reach and impact of Soul Sessions across their diverse audiences.

In an intimate moment on the show, Maisey Rika shares about her Samoan heritage and her love for music, "[Im] very proud of our Samoan heritage, [when in Samoa, I feel a connection] especially with the choir singing there. When we went to Saleaumua, it was up the road from the church and they were singing, it was like a pōwhiri, we got there in Saleaumua, you could hear the singing coming down the road from the church, it felt like home.’

Maisey Rika on Soul Sessions

The third season of Soul Sessions will feature live performances by an array of multi-talented artists based here in Aotearoa and those now based in Australia, including mana wahine Maisey Rika, legendary R&B duo Adeaze, The Shades, Jordyn With A Why, Lepani, Julie Ta’ale, Tabani Gapara, A.R.T, Te Reo Lepou, Aaron Hardy, The Hope Gene and the Auckland Gospel Choir. Each artist brings their distinct style and flavour to the show.

The third season of Soul Sessions airs on the following media platforms from Friday 14th July: TP+ (, Shine TV (Freeview Channel 25 and Sky TV channel 201), Prime, RNZ and Pasifika TV (International).

Soul Sessions offers an opportunity for audiences to immerse themselves in the power of music and conversation that uplifts and touches the soul - so tune in, be inspired, and experience the captivating magic of Soul Sessions!

Adeaze with Sara-Jane on Soul Sessions
Thabani Gapara and band on Soul Sessions

Made with support by NZ on Air.

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