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Our Purpose

We’re dedicated to serving our clients and leaving a positive footprint in our communities. New Zealand made and proudly connected to our Polynesian heritage, we understand our local context and strive for excellence through Strategy, Engagement and Evaluation.


What is the New Zealand Pacific Economy?

Our approach to the Pacific economy is an intimate understanding of Pacific peoples and the influences which drive their socio economic aspirations and wellbeing.

Who are Pacific People in Aotearoa?

'Pacific peoples' or ‘Pasifika’ describes people living in New Zealand who have migrated from the Pacific Islands or identify with the Pacific Islands because of ancestry or heritage. These islands include Samoa, Tonga, Cook Islands, Niue, Fiji, Tokelau, Tuvalu, Kiribati and Rotuma.

Each island group has their own cultural practices and language, including differences in terms of demographic characteristics, migratory experiences, socio-cultural belief systems and practices.


In Aotearoa, 67% of Pacific peoples are born in New Zealand and have more than one ethnicity reflecting a diverse, multicultural community.


What is the Pacific contribution?

Treasury reports that Pacific people contribute over 8 billion dollars to GDP annually. The Pacific Economy is unique in the way it is influenced by broader measures of cultural capital, spiritual wellbeing and intergenerational factors. 


Pacific people are a young population, and workforce projections indicate that by 2026 one third of Auckland's total workforce will be Pacific.

As a community,  Pacific peoples' contribution to society and the economy is also supported by the values of service, where 27,000 hours per week of organised volunteer work is invested for community and church organisations.


The Pacific Region

The Pacific Island Countries comprise 25 nations and territories spread over more than 25,000 islands and islets of the western and central Pacific Ocean. Reflecting the great cultural diversity in the region, some 1,200 languages are spoken in the region, with English and French often being official languages.   Pacific Island Countries have been traditionally grouped along racial and cultural lines as Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia.


Opportunities for Trade and Business within Aotearoa and the Pacific region can be enhanced by investing in leadership, capability and the future of work skills. It is a vibrant, young and diverse People group tackling solutions to climate change, equity and education.

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Our Values

Excellence - Fakalakalaka

We strive for excellence in the quality of our services. We deliver outstanding results that create value and a positive impact.

Respect  - Fa'aaloalo

Our relationships are built upon trust and mutual respect. We keep people at the heart embracing diverse, safe and inclusive interactions.

Innovation - Metotiafou

We apply creativity , determination and an agile mindset to enable your business towards sustainability and long term growth.

Resilience - Fakamanavalahi

We are passionate, pacific professionals who can confidently navigate obstacles as opportunities to learn , grow and succeed.

Our Logo

Based on a double diamond connected. Diamonds are known to be associated with strength and courage. The 'filled' diamond and 'unfilled' diamond bridged side by side illustrate the joining of ideas to reflect the partnership. This unique symbol creates patterns that represent cultural significance.


In the Samoan culture, the diamond takes on additional significance in various ways. The symbol is derived from the ancient Woman's tattoo and depicts the corners of the 'fale' “house” where the 'malu' brings 'shelter and protection'.


The motif can also be interpreted as a spearhead - the Ulutao referring to a 'warrior spirit', referencing an ancient game in Samoa. This game aligns with the  proverb “E iloagōfie le ti'a lele mamao, e lē gāoiā - you will know the ti'a that will travel the furthest, it barely moves”. It is this movement that provides the pathway to be 'fa’amaoni' - committed, faithful and loyal towards our future goals. It is 'tofa sa’ili' - the mission to seek and have the desire to learn, to grow and to persevere.


Illustrated in the colour blue, this represents the Pacific Ocean and the voyage of our ancestors who carefully navigated  rough waters, guided by the stars and wind. Their journey has contributed greatly to our samoan customs 'Aganu'u'  the customs of the village, agaifanua - the customs of the land and agafa'amoana = the customs while on the ocean.


Our customs inspire who we are and the values we uphold.

Our values shape the services we offer.

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